Natural Stone

We carry beautiful, naturally sourced stone from around the world, including Italy, Spain, Turkey and Canada. Our wide variety includes marble, travertine, limestone, slate and quartz.  All stone products come in a variety of naturally occurring colors and veining – no one piece is alike. Natural stone tile is suited for a wide range of applications including both floor and wall. Many different formats and finishes are available such as polished, matte, and brushed.

Below is a list of our current natural stone products. Please click on any one of them for more information including images, available sizes and pricing.  If you have any questions about our stones, please contact us.

Alexandria Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Almond Crema Marble
Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Bianco Luna Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Bianco Carrara Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Calacatta Gold Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Cappucino Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Diana Royal Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Dolomite Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Element Beige Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Escarpment Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Glacier Pricepage (EN) (FR)
HF Marble Mosaics Pricepage (EN) (FR)
HF Mosaic 24-28 Price Page (EN) (FR)
Iceburg Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Ivory Travertine Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Light Beige Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Marble Mosaic Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Mediterranean Sea Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Orient White Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Panda Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)

Platinum Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Silver Cloud Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Skywhite Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Snow White Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Statuarietto Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Statuario Classico Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Stratus White Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Thunder Grey Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Vein Cut Travertine Pricepage (EN) (FR)
White Grey Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
White Marble Pricepage (EN) (FR)
Winter White Pricepage  (EN) (FR)